A pitch from Regina Hassan and George Youngblood to Greg Williams to create a film on adolescent recovery landed in this cozy conference room with 14 Houston organizations agreeing to tell the story. Home base for over two years. It is where we figured it all out. Leading with our hearts through legalities and ethics, Board approvals, and funding the film. Opening homes, expertise, and lives to Jeff, Dan, Amara, and the crew. Splashing experience, courage, and passion onto film. All for the greater cause: A story that flows into communities providing a reason to re-write the script of societal stigma, shame, and misunderstanding focusing on solutions, support, and compassion. We continue to meet in this cozy conference room to figure it out. The Association of APGs and National Youth Recovery Alliance started here.

Our wish is for Generation Found to inspire communities to come together to figure it out… including our own backyard. Many communities across the country already are. We are so honored to be in this with everyone, figuring this out together.

From this humble conference room and community to yours, Houston professionals that guided the making of Generation Found offer their expertise, insight, and support through the Generation Found Houston Speakers Bureau. The Houston Recovery Initiative, where this project all began, offers communities guidance in the process of getting organized. This is a necessary, first step which leads to collective next steps to take action in implementing recovery projects, service, and ultimately systems of care.

Thank you for your interest in Generation Found. We can’t do this alone. We can do this together, one community at a time.

Suzanne Jarvis
Generation Found, Associate Producer
Houston Recovery Initiative, Recovery Advocacy Co-Chair