With several years of successful coalition and resource building, the HRI ROSC caught the attention of Houston funders. Impressed by the momentum gathered by the Initiative, the Houston Endowment encouraged and supported HRI to begin a strategic planning process to map out its future.

HRI Work Group Chairs worked on the main points of the strategic plan, public input was sought with the coalition members, and the final strategic plan was presented to the coalition. Out of the process, the coalition agreed to focus on several key directions for HR: Transforming the Community Through Voices for Recovery; Encouraging and Promoting Innovative Service Models; and Optimizing an Effective Sustainable Coalition.

Out of this process and focusing on these points, HRI has been able to map out the near future. Planned for this year is a social media campaign to build awareness of HRI, the resources it offers to the community, and key dates and events in the recovery community; developing a new work group focusing on employment, providing a forum for employment of individuals in recovery; and providing new training opportunities to the coalition.

In January 2020, HRI received a 2019 Gold Facilitation Impact Award from the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), along with their facilitators, Prismatic Solutions, for the HRI Strategic Planning Initiative. With the leadership of Prismatic Solutions, the facilitated processes of the Strategic Planning Initiative created a framework of expected outcomes and actions against which members of HRI were able to measure the success of actions taken to implement the plan.

We will update you in future issues of the HRI Newsletter on projects and initiatives throughout 2020 and the future.