Welcome to the first issue of the Houston Recovery Initiative’s newsletter. We urge you to stay connected with us during the unsettling time of the COVID-19 crisis and as we move to a “new normal,” whatever that looks like. Almost anyone in recovery would tell you that the most important element of staying in recovery is being connected to a community or to a support group. The Houston Recovery Initiative (HRI) is here to help you stay connected to the recovery community and to provide resources as you continue your journey.

Do you know how HRI got started? After months of discussion with interested groups in Houston, HRI officially began in May 2010 with its first Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) meeting. In July 2010, the first ROSC Forum was held with the topic, “Planning a Recovery Oriented System of Care for Our Community.” HRI has come a long way since 2010, growing to more than 600 subscribers to our email list, obtaining funding for professional staff and projects, and looking toward the future with an award-winning strategic planning process.

In this first issue of the HRI Newsletter, learn more about HRI and the exciting things planned for its future.