COVID-19 Resources


24 Hour Resources

The Council on Recovery(713) 942-4100
The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD(713) 970-7000
DAPA(713) 783-8889
Crisis Intervention Hotline(713) 468-5463
Houston Area Women's Center(713) 528-2121
Alcoholics Anonymous(713) 686-6300
Narcotics Anonymous(713) 661-4200
US Vets(713) 204-1838
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-8255


Ben Taub(713) 873-2000
Lyndon B. Johnson(713) 566-5000
Veteran's Administration(713) 791-1414

Weekday (M-F) Resources

Montrose Center(713) 529-0038
U.S.VETS(713) 229-8122

Mutual Aid Resources


Drug Rehab

Alcohol Screening

Drug Abuse Screening Test

Oxford House

Recovery Speakers

Other Resources

Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

Ken Minkhoff Training

Are you concerned you might have a problem? If you have read this far, please answer the following questions, just for yourself.

Have I . . .

1)  ever thought I need to cut down or quit using?

2)  had other people (even buddies) say I drink or use too much?

3)  ever felt guilty about drinking or using?

4)  ever needed alcohol or drugs when I wake up because I am sick?

5)  ever ended up somewhere I didn’t intend to be because of alcohol or drugs?

 Is there a problem?

If any of the questions above remind you of things you have said or done, and that concerns you, please seek out some form of help. There are some resources on this website that have helped others or have helped others find the help that they needed. You deserve a wholesome, meaningful life!